Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Writing News For Radio

Michael Meckler began working in radio news with an internship at WCBE in Columbus, Ohio, back in 1982. During the past two decades Meckler has worked at radio stations in small, medium and large markets in the Midwest and Northeast, including three years in the 1990s as a writer, producer and reporter at the pre-Westinghouse, pre-Infinity, pre-Viacom CBS owned-and-operated all-news WWJ in Detroit.

Meckler is creator of the Newswriting for Radio website If you are looking for a quick refresher course, it's worth a click.

PS: he also taught at several universities, including Michigan, Ohio State and Yale, has a master's degree in history and a Ph.D. in classical studies, and is a regular contributor to the opinion page of The Columbus Dispatch. For more information about his newspaper columns, click here. His weblog, RED-STATE.COM, features his views on current events.

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