Thursday, June 16, 2005

Country Music Promotion By Blog

Hats off to Ray Randall, west coast promoter for Neal McCoy's 903 Music who is embracing technology and foregoing the usual independent promoter methods of hype. He's the first I know of to podcast his promotional efforts, making them both informative and entertaining, while selling McCoy's music with facts and testimonials.

* Leave him a voice mail and he has RSS to automatically send it to his computer as a wav file for listening and editing, for example.

* Check out his podcast #7 which contains a sample of KMLE, Phoenix, featuring a scoped air checked of Dave Pratt's morning show.

Randall left a job at Microsoft to join the 903 Music team, and he brought a lot of high-tech ideas with him. Being an indie, competing with the resources of the major music monoliths is never easy, but of course Neal McCoy is an extremely likable, smart, charismatic act who is seemingly being represented very well by this Seattle area-based new music evangelist and clever promoter!

Shouldn't YOU be doing something like this for your show? Ray says the site costs him $15 per month. Caution: Randall is able to use Neal's music because McCoy gives permission for streaming his tune on the web and owns the publishing rights, but be sure you have licensing rights before using any commercial music on a podcast!

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