Monday, June 27, 2005

A "Noise Maker's" Favorite Sources Of Ideas

Doug Harris is a consistent convention speaker A+. And, at R&R, Cleveland, he knocked 'em dead once again with an updated version of his always-inspiring DARE, DREAM, AND DELIVER: CONFESSIONS OF A CREATIVE ANIMAL presentation.

A Creative Animal's Random Thoughts on “standing out in a crowd”...


No more Disney Trips! We all know they do trade and are easy to work with, however, a trip to Disney to most has almost become a right of passage as an American. Whether you live in an expensive gated community or a trailer park, a trip to Disney is attainable & will likely happen sooner or later. This promotion has been done to death and does very little to make you stand out. Do things people will talk about or CHANGE THEIR LIVES…even if just for a short time.

FOR EXAMPLE: Log onto, and find out how next Father’s Day you can send Dad away to learn how to drive a Tank! Many other great ideas for promotions there too.

Here are some of the other websites he mentioned as possible destination ideas:

Instead of giving away cash that is spent and done, buy a Louis Vuitton hand bag and give that away. Chances are when the winner is asked about the bag, she’ll mention your station as how she won it!

Not “Tuesday” but “Shoes-Day”! It’s no secret that women and shoes share a very passionate and virtually insatiable love affair. Why not sell this promotion to a client and give away shoes throughout the day each Tuesday! Fun stuff.

Don’t forget the Babysitter. Give away a “fantasy prize” ie; instead of just cash…why not offer up a nice night out for two at the Outback (who’ll probably trade anyway) and throw in the extra hundred bucks for the sitter. Just a way to spice things up and speak more to your life group.

Other Great Sites to Steal your next idea: FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE


1) Create the World’s greatest Media Contact List
2) Create an In House “PR Agency”

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