Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Preview New Music In Advance

Thanks to Gord Eno, PD at Vancouver's CJJR (93.7 JRfm) for this tip:

If you ever need to hear a song a few days ahead of anyone else in your market, go to Mediabase and look for a station playing it. Go to their hour by hour music log and click on the icon next to the song to hear a streamed version of (128 kb, so not suitable for air) from start to finish.

For example, lets say (like most of us who are not located at a monitored station in Texas!) you don't have a copy of George Strait's album cut "Texas" yet, which is being played by Texas stations KTYS, KPLX, KSCS, KILT, KVET, KHEY and KFTX already (it charts #50 in this week's Billboard).

Find it on their Mediabase music log and you'll be listening to it!

Gord says he stumbled on this due to his frustration that his listeners love "Win It Before You Can Buy it" weekends, yet Eno never wants to commit to playing anything he hasn't heard in advance. Often an entire LP is available on Mediabase for listening long before its release date.

It doesn't look like BDS offers anything like this at present. But, with their recent alliance with DMDS MusicCrypt, one wonders how long it will take them to catch up.

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