Saturday, June 04, 2005

Stop, Look & LISTEN

Randy Lane and his crew advise some of our favorite morning shows, and their website is full of great tips and ideas. It is also home to some great examples of radio that makes you want to turn the volume up and sit in the car until the bit is over: "Every so often, Randy and Stan hear something on the air that merits special attention. Here's this month's Audio of the Month..."

This month's audio is an hysterical feature from Kidd Kraddick. Their newest show character Rich heads out to audition for a trumpet player opening and finds out he is not only going to audition in front of the team, but the full TV press as well. The problem, Rich's lips have NEVER touched a trumpet before. This is guaranteed to give you a belly laugh.
Rich Plays Trumpet

Check back regularly, there can be more than one Audio of the month sample each month, like:
Two Guys Named Chris, Bill Pulls His Own Tooth/Crank Call to a Telemarketer
The Barry and Andy Show, Calling Vietnam
The Frank Show, Stagz Diary
The Dick Dale Show, Best Friends

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