Thursday, June 23, 2005

Someone To Remember In Your Prayers Today

I'm sure you've seen the stories about hydraulic fluid being used at Duke Medical Center to "clean" (ugh) surgical tools..

* Wrong delivery to hospital
* Third NC Hospital Got Hydraulic Fluid
* Some Patients Not Comfortable with Duke's Offer
* 2nd NC hospital received barrels of hydraulic fluid

.. but, if (like me) you often see national stories like this and think that they're about 'other people' and not 'us,' a big thank you to Jeff Roper at the New 92 in Columbia for this update that hits home. A 'friend' is involved and suffering:

"While the link I'm sending you is not about a "radio guy" it's about a guy and his family that are heard on more country stations than most people know. He is one of the best imaging "artists" in our business...I worked with him for years in Charlotte..he's buds with most voice talent, including John Willyrd and most people in our format are familiar with his work. This story was featured on Good Morning America (6/15/05 between 730-8 Eastern).

"Please read the link and if you can...please ask the members of our format for their thoughts and prayers for Krash( Kelley) Bassett and his wife, Shelley. This story is unbelievable."

Krash's website is

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