Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Americans and British Listen To More Radio Than Canadians

NOP World Research just announced results of its Culture Score(TM) "Media Habits" Index offering a global perspective on the time consumers report watching television, listening to the radio, searching the Internet and reading.

Radio Nations
Argentineans spend the most time (20.8 hours per week) listening to the radio, followed by Brazilians at 17.2 and South Africans at 15.0 hours. Consumers in China spend the least amount of time listening to the radio at only 2.1 hours a week. Koreans and Saudis also report low radio time (at 3 hours and 3.9 hours per week respectively.)

Consumers in the US and UK are below the global average (5.7 and 5.3 hours per week respectively) when it comes to reading, but significantly above the average on TV viewing (19 hours per week in the US and 18 in the UK), listening to the radio (10.2 hours per week in the US and 10.5 in the UK) and just slightly below the global average for computer/Internet usage (8.8 hours per week in both the US and UK). Canadians listen to radio on average, they report, one hour less (9.1 hours).

See the PR Newswire press release (click)

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