Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dehype - from a former artist in the art of hype

Dave Newton has spent a lifetime in radio and marketing. He also calls himself a political moderate and here's how he defines that: Militant Moderate Manifesto

Now that you know where he stands politically and values-wise, here's a strong take on Infinity's podcast experiment on the former KNEW-AM:

Viacom's KYOURadio in San Francisco, has rolled out an all-podcasting format. KYOU's effort is only the goofiest attempt to shake something loose for traditional radio in the post-digital age. Despite the fact that San Francisco is probably the only market where such a stunt might make the minutest glimmer of sense because of its relatively dense population of geeky young males. Still, can you imagine the podcast-interested person, known to be tech-savvy, listening to an AM station? Or listening to a podcasting radio station's stream on his computer, when he can take his choice from thousands of podcasts, without cheesy promos between them? Is the radio guys' choice of casts better than yours? But even funnier, (Edison Research's Tom) Mr. Webster tries to relate KYOU to the now-traditional, irrational-though-thoroughly-researched conventions of commercial radio.

Want more from Dave Newton? Here's his (witty, wide-ranging and opinionated) blog.

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