Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Letter From A Trusted Friend? Or, SPAM?

AOL's list of most frequently-seen junk e-mail subject lines for the month of May 2005:

Who makes the Best Burger? Take our Survey!
3 Steps To Great Legs!
I get cable tv for free!
Great Stock Choice, High Gains This Week!
Join the Neilson Family and Win Some Cool Prizes!
yeee haaa cowboy
better nutrition starts now
Let us Buy you an Xbox 360 or PS3
AOL Investment Pick!
2006 Models Have Arrived

If you or your station is sending emails to your listeners and want to have them opened and read, there are several things you can learn from the above:

- avoid exclamation points,
- make sure your subject line never sells anything or reads like a hype,
- let your loyal listener know why you're writing to them and why they should care about your message (make it as personal as possible).

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