Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Radio's Return On Investment - Better Than TV

Just out: Radio's ROI Advantage

The Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab's third major new study in twelve months is now out, "Radio's ROI Advantage."

In a nutshell, this four-advertiser six-month test in "the real world" found that Radio delivered 49% better ROI than television.

The full report from that study can be downloaded by clicking below.
RAEL Research Report: Radio's ROI Advantage (published June 2005)
Executive Summary: Radio's ROI Advantage (two-page summary of the results)

The full paper is a 2 MB Acrobat file which may take a few moments to view or download on a slower connection. When viewing the report online, remember to use the Acrobat icons for saving or printing a copy (not the usual browser icons).

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