Wednesday, March 29, 2006

See Spot Run: Cheap TV Ads Create Downward Pressure On Our Rates Too

So... what are you doing to make sure your selling and creative relationships with customers are not being commoditized?

If your local sellers are saying "it's tougher than ever out there to hold rates," before you dismiss the complaint as just more of the same old thing read about the Commoditization of local TV buying and production.
"Spot Runner is so cheap in part because it has moved that process online."

"The Commoditization Of Everything" explains what we're all up against as we create powerful creative campaigns which work for our clients at competitive prices.

"The very success of the Internet, which is entering another boom with (according to George Gilder's March Technology Report) 'volume that will dwarf even the fantastical increases of the past five years', is creating a rolling disaster for the large players. The message: be an efficient commodity provider at the core, or go to the edge and deliver great value..."

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