Friday, March 10, 2006

Dixie Chicks Go the "Long Way"

The new single is showing up in a few places today. If you test it, please let me know how it does. At CRS, we were told that the LP release would be in late April, with the TV PR splash starting with an appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

Now, Rolling Stone puts the album release date as May 23rd as does the group's official website. The cuts I've heard from the LP are in the very same groove you'd expect and are sonically impressive. Advance PR buzz efforts are now underway.

My wish was that "Lubbock or Leave It" and "Not Ready to Make Nice" not be the first tracks released, unless they still want to pick a fight with Sean Hannity, El Rushbo, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, et al, which could make it very difficult for any stations which previously banned the act in response to listeners to backtrack from that stance. But, who knows what these talented ladies will decide to do? NOT me!

Whatever happens, it will indeed be interesting, creating buzz for our format if we play it right and stay above the politics. Judging from their official website, the one of least resistance is, again, not going to be the path they choose!


Jay Lawrence, Music Director, CKXA said...

At Big Earl here in Edmonton, we’ve been spinning it every 90 minutes today. Phone reaction has been good from the top, with one guy almost in tears after our first spin.

Mike Peterson, PD, WUSN, Chicago said...

Feedback ALL great from us.

Anonymous said...

I put the question up on my internet poll: "If the Dixie Chicks had a new song, would you like to hear it?" Out of 225 people, 131 said yes or maybe. The rest said no. I'm going to do it today.

Cary Rolfe, OM Citadel Spokane said...

We put it in the 7 O'Clock Cat Fight and it won hands down. 100% of the votes, people were excited to hear from them again.