Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mediaguide Monitored Airplay Can Lead To Online Music Sales

I don't normally reprint press releases verbatim without comment, but this one deserves to be an exception, unless perchance I am the last person in the world to become aware of this:

Mediaguide To Drive Digital Music Discovery And Sales

Mediaguide will provide its audio fingerprinting technology and airplay data to support music discovery and viral, social network sales through Intent MediaWorks (, a legal P2P distribution service that crosses all major P2P networks; and Glide Effortless (, a web-based, multi-media management environment and social network.

Mediaguide will connect its airplay data, sliced by format, genre, market, time and label type, to tracks available for purchase or sponsored download to give the over 250 million worldwide digital consumers the widest, most targeted and deepest view of music that was played on college, non-commercial, specialty and commercial radio. For content owners, this means any play on any station could lead directly to digital sales.

Mediaguide software will identify songs in individual user accounts within these services to determine which have been licensed for sale or sponsored download. For content owners, this means that every fan and personal playlist can be a marketing outlet and viral sales driver.

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