Monday, March 20, 2006

A Dismal Nashville Star Prognostication (And, I Must Say, I Agree With It)

Nashville Star has started up again for their 4th season. 4 tries at finding a true star, and looking back at the previous 3 "winners," do we truly have any winners? Buddy Jewel is without a label, Brad Cotter never really sold many albums and is without a label, Erika Jo had her hit and has disappeared.

The real winner so far from the show is Miranda Lambert. Even though she didn't win the show, she certainly has taken country music by storm and is still selling albums. George Canyon didn't win either, but is doing extremely well north of the border.

Hopefully, this season, we will truly find a great talent. However, what I have seen so far in the first episode, don't hold your breath.

That is if you can even make it through the season with Wynonna's never ending self-confidence thoughts and Cowboy Troy's overly excited "Mr. Radio Voice" that is making the show barely watchable.

Thank goodness for the fast forward feature on the DVR.

George Jones Still on Bandit Records

George Jones has signed a special one-time single deal with Category 5 Records. This is a special deal that will allow Jones to record one song as a "guest artist" for Category 5 Records as part of a tribute album they are producing to honor Jones' long and remarkable career.

Some sites reported earlier this week that he had signed a recording contract with them, which is not true. He remains on his current label, Bandit Records.

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Buzz Jackson said...

No kidding. Nashville Star is pretty much a waste of everyone's time. I said much the same thing in a post on All About Country the other day. Nobody's watching, and radio shouldn't fall for the hype, because it isn't real.