Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dixie Chicks Anyone?

Tommy C sends along the KFRG "Frogmen In The Morning's Top 10 list of 'Things We Received “Anonymously” To Play The New Dixie Chicks Song…'


Anonymous said...

As funny as that list may be it's not exactly making you any friends. Let's face it, a portion of the country music audience will always hate the Dixie Chicks, but a portion of the audience will always love them. Do we know which portion is larger yet? No.

The country music audience does not like to hear artists being made fun of.

Bottom line, play their music or don't...but don't make a big deal out of it.

Let the fight be between the Chicks and the country music audience...don't get in the middle of it.

Rich Lauber, OM, Clear Channel Radio/Syracuse said...

We teased all day yesterday that we would put it on "Pick it or Skip it" last night. We got what I expected.

A couple of calls against, (one was a guy calling as George W :), but 75% of the calls were positive with it and liked the song.

Obviously not research, but good that no one wanted to lynch us.

I'm putting it into regular rotation tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the one-time hottest act in country will once again give us lots of hits.

Tommymix said...

Interestingly enough, this issue is polarized mostly with the "my son died in Iraq" folks and the "tree huggers" that run in abundance here in So Cal. BUT the clear majority of listeners that have given us feedback have been mostly female and positive about the chicks music. Most of those same callers did express that they are/were still upset with the event that caused the uproar and did not agree with it but that they loved their music. We had the obligatory "I'm turning off the radio" e-mail and calls (two), but for the most part, the audience got the "joke". If you are still playing with this like it's "untouchable", you are missing out. Make fun of it. Balance the issue. Be satirical on both ends. Otherwise you're missing out on an opportunity to stand out and make yourself heard in a sea of radio choices and media options. What made you better than a CD or XM today?