Saturday, March 04, 2006

Choose Your Target, Then Get To Know Them

The BBC does a lot of market research and shares that helpful info on the radio and TV audience with its vendors, presenting the data in a very user-friendly way. (click to) Pick a demo and ask yourself how you're doing at understanding 'em.

Idea: get online during an air staff meeting and discuss this snapshot of today's broadcast audiences, talk about how your market is similar/different. Better, use this template and make use of your local BBM, ARB, Scarborough and Media Audit info to build similar profiles of your specific target listener.

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Dan Kelley said...

The RAB has available some great reports by format: The "Golddigger" reports which are available at the RAB website.

While intended for your sales staff, they provide valuable insights into not only the buying habits, but the general interest habits of your format audience.

An excellent tool to share with your airstaff.