Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pew: Radio Holds Up Pretty Well As A News Source For Broadband Users

The topical areas we have been suggesting for years - purse strings, health, relaxation, local and heart - remain important to these folks. (click on the graphic to enlarge it)
Some 50 million Americans turn to the internet for news on a typical day, a new high water mark for online news-gathering that coincides with rapid growth of broadband adoption in American homes. Over the last four years, overall internet penetration rose from 58% of all adult Americans to 70%, and home broadband penetration grew from 20 million people (or10% of adult Americans) to 74 million people (37% of adult Americans).

For broadband internet users, online news is a more regular part of the daily news diet than is the local paper; it is nearly as much of a daily habit as is getting news from national TV newscasts and radio. For home dial-up users, however, online news is not as much an everyday activity.

Major events spur people to go online for breaking news. TV and radio remain the most popular news source, but broadband internet users relyonline sources as much as their local newspaper.
This is a report worth studying and sharing with your news staff, owner and, yes, even with sales.

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