Saturday, March 18, 2006

KYGO's "KJM FingerFotos" And, More Seriously, "RULES"

Joel Burke and his Jefferson-Pilot/Denver crew have a website which makes you want to listen...

Kelly, Jonathan and Mudflap's morning page is a daily idea sharing source, but don't stop until you page all the way down to their strange and silly "Finger Fotos."

Ya wonder what research led them to establish their "No Rules" stance..? Could it have been the arrival of Willie 92.5's "Wide Open Country?" Willie's trend has been 2.4-1.8-1.5. Could these new KYGO benchmarks have had a role in that? Ya think?

No tight playlists
Paul Donovan's No Rules Instant Request Lunch Hour
Tracy Taylor's No Rules Nighttime Request Show
No Rules A to Z Weekends
Colorado's largest Country music library
More real Country variety than ever before
KYGO's MP3 Playback*

Is it time to review 'the rules" on your station which listeners don't like?

*What's an MP3 Playback? It stands for "My Pick of 3". At KYGO, we are all about breaking some rules and playing the real country variety you want to hear! That's why we want your "MP3 Playback!" Email us your "My Pick of 3" favorite songs to You'll automatically be registered to win your pick of CD's in the KYGO music stash. Thanks to you KYGO is Denver's Home for Real Country Variety.

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