Sunday, March 19, 2006

Masters Of The YOUniverse at WYCT, Pensacola

Cat Country 98.7, Pensacola's afternoon host, "Catfish," got a copy of Trendwatching's mission statement from his GM Mary Hoxeng and put it all into great words from the radio personality's perspective:
'... to those of us who 'get it,' the consumer has ALWAYS been incharge...[ie: the customer is always right] but I know and understand that some businesses have forgotten this adage along the way. Along this line, I like to let my listeners do as much of my show as possible: traffic, introducing music, announcing upcoming events,etc. They love it. I can tell, because when I air someone, all the lines light up, and each caller in their own way, is atempting to say something I feel they think MAY get on the air. Heck, let THEM be the star. After all, they ARE. THEY decide my fate and future in this business, right?"

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