Monday, March 06, 2006

Keith Urban, Burt Reynolds and Willie Nelson - All In One Week

Is Tallahassee the new entertainment capitol of the world? It seemed like it last week:

How many times have you enjoyed a show so much you wanted to grab a piece of something, the set, clothing from the stars, etc. just to have a tangible memory of a great appearance?

Well, the Keith Urban show is that kind of experience for many of his fans, so Keith and company decided to end the “Alive in ’06 Tour” by sharing pieces of it. Following the final performance at Tallahassee Florida's Leon County Civic Center of Urban's crew took to the stage and sawed offpieces of the set, handing them out one by one to the audience.

"I figured that the shirt the off my back wasn't enough," said Urban. "So wetook a novel approach deciding to protect our instruments, but smash up thestage."

Not only did the audience walk away with a unique souvenir, but theywitnessed the dismantling of the drum kit, the Styrofoam stage props, thelighting rigs and more, all taking place while Urban was still performingand as crew members began to cover the stage with road cases and packing equipment.

Thanks to Neil Haislop for the tip...

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