Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Top Toys 2005

A National Retail Federation internet research report claims that 45% of shoppers are purchasing toys this year, and Barbie will be the most popular toy for girls, while video games will be the most popular toy for boys.

Top Toys 2005
Rank for Girls/for Boys
1. Barbie/Video Games
2. Bratz/Star Wars Merchandise
3. Dora the Explorer/Legos
4. Disney Princess/Hot Wheels
5. Video Games/Spiderman Merchandise
6. I-Pod-MP3 Players/Xbox
7. My Little Pony/Thomas the Train
8. Leap Frog/Batman Merchandise
9. Elmo/Bicycle
10. American Girl/PlayStation 2

Source: NRF and BIGresearch, November 2005

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