Thursday, December 29, 2005

2,000 Music Trivia Questions And A Board Game To Give Away

Genesee Depot, WI's Aleken Games’ Country Music Triviologies (MSRP $29.95) and Rock and Roll Triviologies (MSRP $29.95) combine for over 2,000 music trivia questions that span the history of the beginning of rock and country music to present day.

The games are available in stores including Virgin Mega Stores, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Country Music Hall of Fame, FYE, and other music stores, bookstores, hotels and game retailers across the U.S. and Canada, as well as online at,,,, and

10/30/05: Aleken Squeezes Country Into Little Boxes
6/30/05: Country Music Game a Hit in Nashville

For information contact:
Ken Eichstaedt at Aleken Games - 1-877-295-2740.

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