Thursday, December 15, 2005

Terri Clark Gets Locked Out Of Reba's House

Clark shares a story from a trip out west, where she visited Reba McEntire while in California. Terri and new husband Greg spent the night at Reba and Narvel's house, but accidentally locked themselves out of the house!

Says Terri "We got up, and went out to the beautiful patio area, and Greg left the door open. When I came out behind him I shut it, and we were stranded outside. A woman came to put Christmas wreaths on their gate and called security cause there were people in the garden, trying to get into all the doors (and there were a lot of doors). Just then Narvel drove in, but he couldn'd find us, and when several minutes went by and we didn't see him, we went around to the front door to try and ring the bell so he would find us. But we couldn't figure out where the bell was! Then Greg called him, and said "We saw you drive up, we are at the front door.."

Terri summed up the adventure by saying "I am just glad we didn't get arrested."

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