Friday, December 23, 2005

Radio World Asks The Tough HDRadio Questions

You know that newspaper that only the geeky folks at your station who wear pocket protectors read? Yeah, the one that's always laying around the engineering offices? You really need to read this week's edition!

Click the links to read the timely info from RW writers Steve Sullivan, Leslie Stimson and Anders Madsen

Gretchen Toes the Multicasting Water
Does something make a noise if there's nobody there to hear it? A small but growing number of commercial stations - approximately 70, as of December - are confronting that age-old riddle as they debut digital multicast channels to tiny audiences.

Alliance's Work Is Just Beginning
Challenges Ahead as Groups Coordinate Digital Promotion and Programming of Multicast Channels

Groups Will Divvy Up HD2 Pie
The announcement that several ownership groups are coordinating their multicast planning is historic for the radio community. It means the industry essentially is marketing multicast as a single new radio service, something consumers and retail salespeople can understand and describe in a few words.

HD Radio: Could It Ever Supplant FM?
Will HD Radio someday overtake analog FM in the United States? If so, how long until most commercial FM broadcast is at least accompanied by an IBOC modulated signal? Will stations ever really start turning off their analog entirely, as originally envisioned under the "hybrid" approach to a digital radio transition?

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