Sunday, December 18, 2005

Guest Exchange

The problem with this resource, of course, is that they are delighted when a major market station calls and undoubtedly a lot less cooperative if you happen to be in market #200. But, we have even unrated market morning shows and PD's who have learned how to get call-backs from celebrities and there's only one way to hone that skill: do it.

Start here.

No doubt, it is very competitive when you want the best guests. But, as with all things: the best ideas win. Do some homework on the person before requesting an interview and pitch a unique approach that may result in media coverage. Do the interview, but the process just starts there. Alert local media to newsworthy quotes, write a press release, podcast the best parts on your website, etc.

If they learn that you know how to create national buzz for both yourself and their celebrity from your morning show, they will start calling YOU, no matter how small your market.

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