Monday, December 26, 2005

Newcap Changes Three Formats on Boxing Day

Someone at Newcap apparently has no aversion to change:

CAFE 100, CKFE - Format: Adult Album Alterntative - Click here to Listen to CAFE 100 Live
CALIFORNIA FM - Format: Jazz/Blues
LIVE 88.5 Format: Alternative Rock. John Mielke (Milkman) has the official press release.

They flipped three switches all on the same (12/26/05) day! But, since "California FM" sounds just like the Breeze did (to me, at least), I'm left wondering why you'd change the brand and not the product in Calgary? In Ottawa, do they expect Standard's The Bear (CKQB) to move older and make room for them? And, in Winnipeg, can a specialty license compete for mass audience numbers? Clearly, Newcap thinks SO.

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