Sunday, December 04, 2005

CHLB, Lethbridge Has Marv's MONEY Every Monday

PD Reid Morgan at Country 95.5 reports: "
Country 95.5 FM has great prizes to give away. Just ask our listeners.

"Much to his surprise. It's back. Mooch Marv's Money. Every Monday, Marv is (reluctantly) going to give up more of his 'pay cheque'. All listeners need to do is call 327-0955 and Mooch Marv's Money - $1,095.00 every Monday.."

Morgan offers his advice to other Canadian programmers:

".. we started it again December 1. What impact! One station giving away $1095.00 cash every Monday in December !!!

"Everyone else is doing the usual "Christmas Bear" stuff and we are giving away cash. This will continue right through December, January and February. We are registering at quarter past every hour from 7am to 6pm. With the book starting January 9th I really pushed for seamless promotion and marketing from September through March. I really think we have to start thinking this way. Sure, perfect world we would have great stuff going 12 months a year but at least the six months from September through February is a good start."

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