Friday, December 23, 2005

Has HDRadio/Our Lower Clutter Efforts Captured The Attention Of Streaming Media Listeners?

Something is going on (and it certainly appears to be broadcast radio!):

RRadio Network first surveyed the online radio audience in October 2001. Today it provides the only continuous picture of this group's listening habits, family financials, education levels, and social interaction.

1,854 persons responded to RRRadio Survey 34, posted at over 50 online radio station web sites.

One of the benefits of a continuing survey is the ability to ask, and then check response. While the Jan-March 2005 answers show internet radio, MP3 players, and satellite radio remain leaders among this early-adopter online radio audience, the reality of "What do you listen to most" shows differently.

They expect to be listening 60% more to broadcast radio in the next six months! The big loser in this prediction of future radio usage: satellite radio.

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