Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Reset Your Preset

Last year's Arbitron-Edison Media Research "In Car Study" found that there's a strong corelation between a person's favorite station and their car radio presets. The recommendation was: "almost no one has a favorite radio station that ISN'T set on their car radio pre-sets, so be sure you have a car radio strategy."

WKDF, Nashville does: since the station is "#1 for new country and the legends," their "reset your preset" campaign is paying listeners $100 when they are found with WKDF set on their #1 preset and $20 if they stop a listener who allows them to reset their #1 preset to 103.3.

Click on http://www.103wkdf.com/ to see how they promote it:

Re-Set Your Pre-Set to 103.3!!!
103 WKDF Air Personalities are cruising around Middle Tennessee five times a day checking to see if your #1 Pre-Set is on 103.3, brought to you by The All New Champion Ford on Charlotte Avenue.

Click here for more details and times.

Congratulations to Listener Rewards Club member, Teresa Eastridge of Springfield. She won $103 for having her #1 pre-set on 103.3.

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