Saturday, March 12, 2005

Whenever You Are On TV, Send Your Fans a Message

Like CBS's Bob Schieffer did..

It was probably something that the average viewer outside of the Fort Worth-Dallas area didn't really notice. But, if you were watching Schieffer during his debut as the anchor for the CBS Evening News, you were likely right to guess that the purple and white tie he was wearing carried a non-verbal message to the folks back in his home town of Fort Worth.

It's a sure bet that the students at Texas Christian University's newly dedicated "Schieffer School of Journalism" didn't miss the color purple "message" that Bob was wearing the school's colors. When Bob was in Fort Worth at the dedication and symposium this week on Tuesday, after lunch, when a huge crowd of us was walking back to the auditorium for the 2 pm symposium across University Drive,'s Larry Shannon reports he casually mentioned to the former TCU Horned Frog student-turned-radio news reporter-turned newspaper report-turned-news anchor that it was probably a strange feeling he might be having at that moment to walk across the same street he had four decades ago as a student at TCU, but this time in a new role, as professor.

Bob sort of chuckled, grinned and said in that upbeat style and unique voice of his, "Yeah ..." Bob's, worn a lots of hats and walked a lot of streets on a lot of beats.

He got started on the right foot on Thursday evening (visit CBS Evening News)

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