Friday, March 04, 2005

Naming Rights for a Day

No, of course no local radio station can buy the naming rights to your local stadium or arena (except for rare instances). But, could you do it for an important day?

WAAF gets naming rights to Boston's big Tweeter Center - for one day.
It's a charity thing that benefits various Boston-area groups and the station will use eBay to generate bids for a prize package built around a Motley Crue concert. The bidding for the prize is for one day only - Saturday, March 5 - and the Tweeter Center will briefly be known as the "WAAF Center."

And, of course, there's always this approach too:

Mile High Honor:
Colorado Governor Bill Owens has declared Saturday to be KYGO George Strait Day in honor of the Denver Country station's 25th Birthday Party concert that evening. Strait headlines.

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bruins said...

To clear some names up a bit. The Tweeter Center is in Mansfield, MA.
WAAF had naming rights for one day for the former FleetCenter which is now the TD BankNorth Garden.
TD Banknorth Inc. and Delaware North Companies signed a 20 year deal with the owner of the FleetCenter to bring back the name Garden.