Wednesday, March 16, 2005

If You Escourt A Listener Vacation Trip, A TIP..

Take your credit card, just in case:

Our KEY 103 sponsored week in Austria in March of 1986 started with a beautiful moonlit ride on a ski lift up to a mountaintop restaurant, me singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music!” Elise telling me to hush. A blazing fire in the center of the room was the focal point of the ambience. A terrific meal awaited us. And then…the bill. But it was supposed to be all pre-paid! No, there was some snafu with the land operator of the tour and our travel guide and consultant, Nick Brizendine, had to put the whole thing on his credit card temporarily! (read more from Dave Jarrott)

Reading this nightmare is a good excuse to put in a plug for of Eau Claire, WI. CONTACT: Denise Pedersen, Sales Manager -,

A&O client WAXX could give them a reference: George Roberts, 715 832-1530. They have used them for years, as have many radio and TV stations for both client incentive and listener/personality-hosted tours.

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