Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Saga Leads. Let's ALL Follow

Saga CEO Ed Christian is canceling syndicated shows that also air onXM or Sirius: "when a person gets in a car the choices are AM, FM or satellite. So (he told Inside Radio's Tom Taylor) syndicators, make your choice - them or us."

THAT SURE BEATS SIMPLY RUNNING A "HEARD IT ON THE RADIO FIRST" AD (the same artists also cut ads endorsing satellite too of course).

Congrats on a brilliant and courageous move, Ed. Let's get behind this movement and deny satellite our best personalities and programs!

PS: EMarketer reports a new survey by BIGresearch indicates that interest in purchasing satellite radio subscriptions remains low. BIGresearch surveyed 7,000 US consumers about their purchasing intentions for satellite radio and found that 4.2% of respondents already had satellite radio and that only 2.5% planned to subscribe in the next 6 months.

Just over 16% planned to subscribe "someday." Most, however, said they had no plans to subscribe.

Nearly 25% said they weren't informed enough to make a decision. Younger respondents, those ages 18 to 35, were more likely to be informed about satellite radio and more likely to buy.

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