Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Get Great Listener Testimonials For Your Promos

Hoppy Gilmore (Send E-mail to Hoppy Gilmore), PD/Morning cohost at Froggy 99.9 FM, Fargo says they never have a problem getting fresh, new testimonials because every single morning as their morning stunt person goes out they play "The Froggy UM Game."

To win a prize, every listener is recorded saying why they like Froggy - the more specific the better - and to win they have to go the full :30 without ever saying "um" or "uh."

This practically guarantees that every listener has a lot of energy and a big smile in their voice as they talk about what matters most about your station to them. Then, run don't walk back to the station and add this great real life, real listener stuff into your self-promotion so it sounds like real people are the voice of your radio station.

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