Monday, March 21, 2005

E-quest Text Alerts - Check This Out!

I just got an email from WMIL, Milwaukee's "Moo Crew" morning team: "Have you ever wondered when FM 106.1is going to play your favorite song? Are you convinced we play your song right after you turn off the radio?

"We’re going to make it so you never have to wonder again. Introducing FM 106.1’s E-Quest Alerts. Just click here, select your favorite songs and we’ll let you know by email or text message exactly when they will play.

"FM 106.1 is participating in a test of this brand new system. You will be one of the first people in the entire country to try it. We believe this will be a lot of fun and want your opinion. Watch for feedback links in your alerts and let us know what you think."

What Karen Dellesandro, Scott Dolphin and Radar are referring to is called "E-quest alerts."

More info from: Hal Fish - 866-614-1499 or Bill Hard - 609-654-7272.

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