Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Roof sit ends = 2 men, 1 failed mission has the story of sadness, wind chill, frost bite and disappointment:

Peace River/Hi Level AB's Kevin Becker says that "on Friday February 25 at 3:15pm, morning hosts Scott Belford and Dono Jennings (YL Country High Level and KIX 106 Peace River) planned to break a record by staying 20 days on the roof of the Big Blue Building in High Level, Alberta. After 2 weeks of promotion and 2 minutes on the roof, the pair announced live on air “They just don’t want to do it anymore” and came down. Check our websites for more pics and info"

It gets a bit chilly in Alberta in February! You don't suppose that the fact that just talking about the crazy stunt for two weeks got the whole town talking right at the start of the BBM survey was the real mission, do you?

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