Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tom's TSL Tip

The average person listens to radio approximately two hours per day and samples three different stations within that one day of listening. Take that two hours per day (which is 120 minutes), and divide it by the three stations they have sampled, and you will find that you have someone using radio for about 45 minutes-to-one hour per day -- not all-in-a-row. They take "snapshots" of your programming throughout the day: A little bit in morning drive, a bit during the workday, and then some in the afternoon. If you look at your research you will see that after 7:00 pm, the bell-shaped curve drops significantly with the 25+ demo as they go to TV, family, movies, ect. Therefore, it gets down to what “benchmarks” or “triggers” do you have built into your programming throughout the day that make your station memorable (read more about TSL at

Arbitron has appointed Bob Michaels to Vice President, PPM Programming Services (visit Arbitron)

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