Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Stepford Listeners

Critics call them "iPod People."
They ride trains, walk to class and wander malls among the crowd but apart from it thanks to the signature plastic "buds" jammed in their ears and the thin white wires disappearing into their jackets. Apple's digital music player is massively popular with people on the go. And as the iPod morphs from hipster accessory to everyday item, critics worry that the growing number of people tuning out from the world is diminishing public life.

"Get on a subway, and you're surrounded by a bunch of Stepford commuters, all sealed off from each other, staring into mid-space as if anesthetized by technology. Don't ask, don't tell, don't overhear, don't observe. Just tune in and tune out," columnist Andrew Sullivan wrote in the Sunday Times of London (read more - Newsday)

Might be worth an on air rant.. "tune into the community, don't tune out to it.. thanks for listening to real life, authentic RADIO."

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