Monday, March 07, 2005

Would You Cancel Your Spring Book Contest?

They did in Edmonton and it seems like a smart move to me:

96 X Calls Off Fugitive Contest and Donates Money to RCMP Families

Karen Paulgaard reports:

Yesterday, when four RCMP officers were killed in the line of duty near Edmonton, all of our lives changed.

At a time like this, it is simply impossible to continue with radio games, especially a game of "chase" such as "The 96X $20,000 Fugitive". The tragic events of yesterday remind us that tracking down a Fugitive is not a game for those in law enforcement. Four young men paid the ultimate price in their pledge to protect all of us.

Tens of thousands of 96X listeners have put time and effort into playing The Fugitive. We are so grateful for your dedication to this contest and this radio station and have plans for rewards in the near future. Hold on to your Agent Journals and stay tuned to 96X as we do intend to reveal the former Fugitive's identity to those of you who were playing along.

At this point, we just cannot, in good conscience, continue this contest. We are pulling the Fugitive off the air and, more importantly, 96X has decided to donate the $20,000 intended as a prize to the families of the fallen officers. We are also currently accepting donations for these families at our studios under Little Miracles. We will keep the funds in a sub-category to have all monies be put into a specific trust fund for the families.

Our studios are located at 4752-99 street. Donations can be dropped off during our business hours; 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.Please stay tuned to 96X for updates on our contesting. In the meantime, please consider the police in our community in your thoughts and prayers.

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