Thursday, May 17, 2007

XL 96 Delivers Christmas Trees To Listeners On Arbor Day

Dan Martin's press release from Moncton (NB) in Milkman..

The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources donated 700 seedlings for the Big Breakfast to give $away May 17th, Arbor Day in N.B. Despite the freezing rain and ice pellets (welcome to the Maritimes), people came down in droves to get their free seedlings. Between 7-9am, Jen Hudson handed out over 500 seedlings in some seriously inclement weather. Demand was so high, Jen went back out at 10 and gave away another 200 trees. Thanks to Jen, Terry and the XL 96 Big Breakfast, the Greater Moncton area is about to expand by about 700 trees. me to the XL-96 website, where I saw (and loved) their latest stunt, "The Homeless Hotel." (The concept is that "guests" will purchase a room (Standard, Suite or Penthouse) and stay for the night. Within the park several areas are marketed with a “Hotel” theme.)

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