Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music System Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Mark Patric burns the midnight oil as A&O's music software and client training/support guy (in addition to his 'day job' as MD/Assistant PD at CJJR, Vancouver).
His blog is where our recommended coding approach on new songs resides, but of course he also reviews new music, especially all Canadian content material. He also shares ideas on other topics of interest to folks who spend their days scheduling music...
How far apart should an artist play from itself? Should tempo always start an hour? How about two slower songs in a row…is that ok? What about sound code and too many of the same sounding songs back to back? Is it that important to make sure superstar artists fill out a certain percent of every hour? Rules…there can be many and maybe too many. How strict are you with your rules and how many rules do you have? Which are important?

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