Thursday, May 03, 2007

Age 21-27 Prefers "Brand Simple"

Outlaw Consulting, a San Francisco research firm, concluded that Generation Y trendsetters are more drawn to brands that speak to them in a "straightforward and stripped-down way, use plain packaging, and avoid excess," says Holly Brickley, an Outlaw strategic analyst. The bottom line, concluded the survey, is that any company that is inconvenient or confusing, or that used over-designed imagery, is seen as out of touch and too "corporate."

Good news for country: our poster child artists today are absolutely authentically-talented, emotive and genuine in their personal packaging and imaging.

Challenge for country radio: can we say the same about our radio stations?

We have three to five years to get it right, if we want to involve tomorrow's 25-34 target.

Study today's most-successful country stations, many of whom are A&O clients, and you'll hear stations in the midst of aggressively reinventing themselves right now.

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