Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How Many Country Stations Can Boise Support?

With 43 radio stations within close listening range, Boise has to be one of the most over-radio'd markets in the world (Salt Lake City has 60!), which is why a format change there (especially a change from 'my country' to 'wow country') isn't the big news it might be in a market with fewer format changes historically. So, R. J. Curtis' R&R story on the flip had an angle which actually caught my interest more than the change in identity:
'And, if all that doesn't make you belch out an involuntary "WOW," they've even hired "The official WOW Country song tag girl" -- Wendy. Her only job is to tell listeners the title and artist of every song played.'

A&O is aware of at least four other Clear Channel stations which have been doing this tactic for more than two years, (A&O client) Paul "Coyote" Neumann, PD at KIXZ-FM 96.1 (KIX 96) in Spokane reports "I started doing this 2 and half years ago and I do believe it’s made a difference." And, after that, the same snap drive library, I hear, then went to Anchorage, where it can also be heard on KASH as well. Clear Channel country stations in Bakersfield and Yakima also did the tactic for awhile, but eventually took it off the air.

Meanwhile, Citadel (which owns KIZN and KQFC) is not standing still in the face of this attack, as the Idaho Statesman reported a week ago: "Citadel Broadcasting accuses former executive and other ex-employees of stealing company information"

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