Friday, May 04, 2007

Don Anthony Wants You To Help Write A Chapter Of His New Book

Maybe you've heard. I'm writing a book called "Why People Don't Like You'- Seeing Yourself The Way Other's Do. It's based on a theory that regardless of our likable qualities, it's the negative sides of our persona--the one's we don't see as easily--that hold back our likability most.

We'd like to think we know our shortcomings? To an extent, we do. But imagine being secretly videotaped for a week and then having it played back for review: Seeing yourself the way others do: in the checkout line at the grocery store; chatting with a mechanic, a friend, a relative, a stranger, or someone you don't particularly like. We might be surprised who we would see.

One of my chapters is called "The Ultimate Jerk." I haven't written it yet and there's a reason: I want your input. Basically, I'd like for you---with no names mentioned--to describe for me one of the biggest jerks, scumbags, pricks or... major ass----s youÕve ever known. I've yet to find anyone who doesn't know at least one. With your help and many others, I'll attempt to create "The Ultimate Jerk." Perhaps you can share a short story about this person that makes it clear why they're so detestable.

Email your input to And just for legal purposes, your input acknowledges that you"re sending this free of any compensation both now or in the future. Space permitting, I will try listing your name in our credits.

Now, close your eyes and picture your ultimate jerk.

Wow, that was quick, huh?

-- Don Anthony, Talent Masters, The Morning Mouth, Morning Show Boot Camp (AND SOON), author

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