Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Relaunch To Capture Country's Values; At Least They Didn't Just Cry Wolf..

At a time when it's relatively fast and 'easy' to become a Wolf, thanks to a long list of very creative people who created something new for Dallas in 1998 and have been copied and recopied many times since, resulting in a private website full of quickly-adaptable Wolf stationality once you pay for the licensing, you have to admire WBTU-FM/Fort Wayne as new owner Russ Oasis relaunches as "A Whole New Country" under new PD Scott Roddy.

Most recently, Roddy, served as APD/MD at Country WLHK-FM (Hank FM). Prior to joining Hank FM in March, 2006, Roddy was with crosstown WFMS-FM and it's nice to see them build something fresh, soaked in country values. (Of course, WBTU has been launched and relaunched as a 'new' station many times over the years, so it will be interesting to watch and see if this one is creative and unique enough to be more than one more cry of "Wolf" for Ft. Wayne area country fans.)

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