Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spidie, Maytag Repairman, Rosie News

Nominees for the MTV Movie Awards are out.
Best Movie nom's are "300";"Borat"; "Blades of Glory"; "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man'sChest"; "Little Miss Sunshine".

Sony is bringing Spider-Man 3 to 4,253 U.S. theaters Friday, the widest opening of all time for any film.

Did you catch the new Maytag repairman during American Idol Tuesday night?
He's so bored he was working on an office copier. If you missedthe news last month, the new Maytag guy is Clay Jackson, a real estateagent from Virginia.

Rosie O'Donnell says she will soon divulge her future plans intelevision.
[Word has it one of the networks is going to give her afull hour every weekday to interview various snack cakes.]

Visiting a park in Walkersville, Maryland, will mean packing your own toilet paper.
Last week, vandals set some paper on fire in a men'sbathroom at a community park so the town manager says Walkersvillewill no longer provide the TP. Sheryl Crow will be happy.

Val Gregoire's wallet has been returned -- 56 years after he lost itto a mugger.
Val died in 2003, but a Boston demolition worker returnedit to his wife recently after finding it in the wall of an oldtheatre. The wallet still contained photos, a copy of his birthcertificate and an Armed Forces Liberty Pass from April 11, 1951.

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Anonymous said...

I really dislike FAT jokes and since like 99.9% of the female population feels (insecure) about their body, I believe that pretty much any joke like this TURNS OFF a huge part of any female audience.
I'm disappointed that you inclulded this on your site.
Just my 2cents. A lot of people take their cues from what you put out there....