Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Songs, Soap and Soda?

In Tom Taylor's column today:

"In the wind - Would a syndicator sell naming rights to a 24/7 music format? Believe it or not - I hear a major syndicator's thinking about branding not one but two of its formats with sponsor names. Big bucks for the syndicator. What will the execution sound like, and how will affiliates feel about it? And will they get a taste of the revenue? Sounds like one of the formats is a popular country offering. Naming rights are cropping up more and more, as managers look for NTR (non-traditional revenue) at their own stations. All-news WTOP recently sold a quick mention for a local pizza chain adjacent to its legal ID."

The mind reels:
Dial (Soap)-Global? Jones (Soda) Radio Network? Blair Garner's "After Midnight" Velvet? Hmmmm. Now that I think of it, some syndicators and networks are "Naturals" for co-branding opportunities..

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