Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Toby Keith Says Rock And Roll Is Dead

TK has a lot of buddies in rock and roll, like Sammy Hagar and Bob Seger, but says his friends, as well as other rock legends, are looking for a new home for their style of music, and Nashville just might be the place.

"I'll probably get flamed for saying this," he tells Dial-Global, "but rock and roll is dead, and all my friends who play rock and roll have a tough time finding a market to get airtime for their projects. I'm not saying that to bash rock and roll, I'm saying that my buddies like Sam Hagar and those guys, if they put a new album out, there's no stations really. When I was a kid you'd have thought rock would have lived forever. Rock and roll was like a religion, and it's gone. Country has stayed the course, and country is America's music now. We write the lyric that means something. We are America's music."

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