Friday, May 25, 2007

Out Of Afghanistan And Into Baghdad

The tour started off with a performance at a remote Forward Operating Base on the Pakastani border in Afghanistan. Two separate mortar attacks served as a sendoff from the region to Baghdad, where he arrived with a big welcome as nearly 200 soldiers, airmen and marines greeted him at the airport.

Toby took pictures and signed autographs with hundreds of soldiers from the 1st Calvary and the 3rd Infantry Division as well as members of Task Force Troy. A couple more mortar attacks only served as a reminder of why Toby sets aside at least two weeks each year to perform for our armed forces. The day was completed with a performance for more than 5,000 troops at Camp Victory in Baghdad.
Toby said. “I am honored to perform before the brave men and women in the military. It is one of my greatest pleasures to get to play for them”.

The native Oklahoman previously traveled to Africa, Cuba, Belgium, Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Italy, Germany and numerous times to Iraq and Afghanistan for the USO.

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