Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Space, Facebook et al .. I Would Love To See YOUR Face

CJJR, Vancouver, GM Gerry Siemens: "(our staff "techie geek") Dan Motut started a JRFM network on Facebook. It's growing like a weed. Nearly 300 sign-up in 24 hours. Make sure you join the official network. Some listener has also started an I (Heart) JRFM network which isn't ours! What a great way to interact with your listeners and get instant feedback!

other client stations have put of MySpace pages or had listeners (or competitors!) do them FOR THEM, (warning: watch out for this dirty trick, of course), but this is the first time I have seen one on Face Book. Please send me a link to yours, so I can see what your network is up to!

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Corinne Bolt, CHAT-FM said...

I am the co-admin for our station myspace along with CHAT, Medicine Hat PD Jay Hitchen. I volunteered to maintain the site and upkeep the blog and I change the layout design with the seasons, themes or promotions - having a blast doing it - tho it seems, myspace is passe - facebook seems to be "cooler"?

"...there's a phoner - what's hot and what's not - or this or that - myspace or facebook?"